Flame in the Flood Wiki

Afflictions are temporary status debuffs which Scout may be affected by during her travels. They may be acquired from a variety of sources and are of differing severity. Any affliction can be cured if the right items are acquired and consumed before the affliction either progresses or goes away on its own.

Afflictions which do not lead to another affliction or death will be automatically cured after some time.

Affliction Cure Leads to
Ant Stings Aloe Infection
Blood Flukes Sumac Tea -
Broken Bones Splint -
Drunk Time -
Dysentery Penicillin -
Food Poisoning Dandelion Tea, Penicillin -
Giardia Dandelion Tea, Sumac Tea -
Ill Equipped Wear clothes with a higher Cold Rating -
Infection Penicillin Sepsis
Laceration Bandage, Stitching Kit Staph Infection
Listeria Penicillin -
Parasites Sumac Tea -
Sepsis Penicillin Death
Snake Bite Dandelion Tea, Sumac Tea Death
Staph Infection Penicillin Sepsis
Tiny Cuts Aloe, Bandage -
Wet Sit by a Camp Fire or sleep in a Shelter -