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Story Influence[]

Angel Yards is an area that only appears in Campaign Mode. It's not procedurally generated compared to the other zones. After crashing at the end of an Industrial Zone, Scout will awaken on the shoreline of what appears to be an evacuation site. She will meet Quincy Collie, who warns her about the dangers beyond the gate. As she ventures inside, she finds lots of old buildings, bus stops, and a space rocket. A bear has made a den inside the entrance/exhaust funnel for the launchpad.

She finds a note saying that all the remaining rockets are dead, but there's hope in a place called The Kingdom, an island that is presumably on the Gulf Coast. When she returns to the shore, she finds that Quincy has fixed her raft. Scout continues on her journey, leaving Angel Yards behind.

Angel Yards note.png


The yards have old buildings with hexagonal glass tops, along with old square shacks with electrical wires coming out of them and benches. There's "extremely long term parking" along with a passenger drop-off area near the front, along with American flags with benches surrounding them. To the left side there's some water pumps, and to the right and north side there is just floodwaters.

Judging off of the Evacuation Point signs, extremely long term parking area, and space rocket, it's likely that Angel Yards was an area built long ago in the past, meant to evacuate people into space from the rising floodwaters of the time. This is further suggested by a Quilt, which describes a man telling a crowd of people "Nope, not for me" as they rushed by, and then saying how "the quiet of space seemed like a blessing". The rockets were apparently built hastily, as the note found at the rocket uses the plural term "rockets", suggesting that multiple rockets failed to launch. However, NPC dialogue by the Feral children suggests that at least a few of the rockets launched, carrying "doctors, teachers, parents, and church mouths".


The area contains multiple snakes, along with wolves near the rocket entrance and a bear. Waking the wolves will also likely wake the bear, allowing the player to read the launchpad note and escape while the animals fight, and will also allow the player to collect Raw Meat and Wolf Hide. However, it is recommended to set up multiple Spear Traps nearby, as if the bear begins to give chase to Scout, it will not stop chasing her until either she or the bear is dead.