Boars are angry and dangerous animals which Scout may encounter along The River. They are territorial animals and will pursue and charge intruders as soon as they step into certain areas around it, ceasing aggression only after the intruder has backed far away from the area. If the player damages a boar without killing it, it may pursue Scout until she is near a fire or near the exit. 

Behavior Edit

To attack, Boars will first slowly chase their target, after which they will quickly charge forward at them, usually breaking a bone or lacerating them. If the Boar misses, it'll stop for a moment before resuming.

Boars generally avoid crossing water, and will return to their "home" area if their target gets too far away.

Combat strategyEdit

The best way to avoid its charge is to run in a line perpendicular to the boar's charge trajectory. If Scout gets hit by the boar's charge, it will inflict Broken Bones or Laceration.

An easy way to kill a boar is to set up a Spear Trap prior to entering its territory and luring the boar into the trap. As a boar will pursue Scout for quite a distance, the Spear Trap can be set up in relative safety some distance from the boar's territory.

Killed byEdit

  • One Spear Trap.
  • Two Arrows
  • Two snake bites
  • Wolf or bear attacks (if enough damage is dealt)



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