Flame in the Flood Wiki

Campaign Mode is The Flame in the Flood's main story mode.


At the beginning of the game, Scout is sitting by a Camp Fire in Camp Pinewood when Aesop brings her a backpack containing an old radio. Scout hears something on the radio but can't quite make it out. She travels down The River trying to find higher ground to get a clearer signal.

The radio signal leads her on a 38 mile journey to Higher Ground, Angel Yards, and The Kingdom. Along the way she meets the few river residents who remain and tries to find out what happened to those no longer there.


During her journey, Scout has to survive by ensuring that she takes care of her Survival Needs:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Temperature
  • Fatigue

Scout will die if any of these needs reach zero.


There are two difficulties which can be selected for Campaign Mode:

  • Traveler - Recommended for new players. Checkpoints, normal abundance of supplies.
  • Survivalist - Recommended for experienced players. Permadeath, fewer supplies, stats diminish at an increased rate.

In addition to this, there is also a setting to change whether or not Aesop's inventory persists on your death. This can be toggled in the Options menu.


No walkthrough yet; try looking for gameplay videos.