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Cocteau is a gravedigger who Scout may meet on her travels down The River. He is found in a Church biome.


Cocteau's dialogue differs between Campaign Mode and Endless Mode.

Campaign Mode[]

Cocteau: Ah! A person. The alive kind.
Ain't just in my mind fer a change.
One might think that'd be more reassurin'...

Scout: Uh, hullo.

Cocteau: Yes, hello!
Apologies... Sometimes I forget the art of conversation.
I help you with somethin'?


Cocteau: Pardon my rudeness.
Be willing to give you this. No need for nothin' in return.
Found it...left behind.

Cocteau: Without the meanin' we invest, what is this place?
A trash pile.
Y'get use out of somethin' here? It carries on.
Leave it? Just rots...

Cocteau: Good, good.
Don't respect the past, y'ain't earnt right to the future.

Scout: Better take my leave.

Cocteau: Keep yer head up, y'hear?

Scout: Will do.

(Cocteau will drop an item on the ground at the end of the conversation.)

Endless Mode[]

Cocteau: Ah, hello....
Ain't seen another livin' soul in some time.
Good you've come. Much to be gained here.
Lots of lessons to be learnt.

Scout: Such like?

Cocteau: Don't get too attached. S'all going down river...
All yer cares get swept away. Best make ready.


Cocteau: State of the world. Brine in place of wine.

Cocteau: Someone's gotta put the past to bed.
Take what you can from it, an' move on.

Scout: Guess I get yer meanin'.

Cocteau: Found this...left behind: (RANDOM ITEM)
Seem useful? I'll swap you for a:


Cocteau: Use honors both object and maker.
Take and be well.

Cocteau: Suit yerself.

Scout: Fare thee well.