Feral children

Feral children are river residents who Scout may meet on her travels down The River. They will always give her an Arrow or a Spear Trap for free when she speaks to them.


Feral children: Well meet, roamer!
Jens got stick points.
Need want like?


Feral children: Take free! We Back Watchers.
We watch you. Roamer watch next.
Act like Sibs. Help trap, help cook. Keep on!
Someday all folks Back Watchers.


Feral children: Jens' notion. Good minded. Brain polished.
Way that was? Come again never.
But stick together? Could be better!


Feral children: Care take, roamer!

Scout: You too.

Feral children: Best place now, 'til the rest get better.
No woe, more fix, roamer!

Scout: Farewell.

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