Flame in the Flood Wiki

Basic Instructions[]

Travel The River by raft in search of locations to explore. Collect supplies to stay fed, hydrated, warm, and healthy.

Rest when possible to regain energy. Take shelter to escape Rain during the storms.

Kindle fires to warm yourself when cold or wet. Additional crafting possibilities are available at campfires.

Access your inventory to use items, manage equipment, monitor your condition, and craft supplies.

Survive as long as possible!


Main article: The Raft

W  A  S  D   - Steer

Spacebar   - Paddle hard. This consumes Stamina which recharges over time.

Shift   - Use motor. This requires the raft upgrade.

Crashing into obstacles on the River will reduce your raft's condition. Repair it at a Marina using the appropriate materials.

Quick Use Menu[]

The Quick Use Menu provides instant access to crucial items held in your inventory. The items in the quick use menu are categorised by type:

1   First aid - Items such as Bandages and Splints

2   Consumables - Items such as Clean Water, Cooked Meat, and Corn

3   Utilities - Items such as Bow, Spear Trap, and Tainted Bait


Open Scout's backpack (Tab  ) to access items, craft supplies, and examine Scout's condition, including any afflictions she may have.

Survival Needs[]

Main article: Survival Needs

You have to maintain Scout's survival needs (Hunger, Thirst, Body Temperature and Fatigue) to ensure her survival during the journey. If any of her needs reach zero, she will soon die.


You can craft many items using the components which Scout finds on her journey. Crafting may require specific tools (e.g. Stone Knife, Stone Hammer, Steel Knife, Steel Hammer) or workspaces (e.g. Camp Fire, Workbench). Schematics are learned automatically when Scout picks up an item for the first time or gathers all the components required to craft something new. All schematics can be viewed in the Crafting menu at any time.


You will run into many creatures during your travels. Boars, Wolves, and Bears will be aggressive and try to attack you. Kill them using traps or a weapon. If you encounter a wolf but have no way to kill it, you can frighten it away for a little while by brandishing your lantern (Spacebar by default). While it is frightened, take the opportunity to flee.


Main article: Afflictions

During her travels, Scout may pick up various afflictions. They have differing causes and are of varying severity and consequence - some may only cause a temporary decrease in body temperature while others will prove fatal if not treated quickly. All afflictions have a cure, although some cures are more difficult to come by than others.