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Helen Cockrow is a resident who Scout may meet on her travels down The River. She is found in Farmsteads.


Helen: Come in out of the elements, dear.
Plenty of clean water here.
You're welcome to top off any jars you're holding.

Scout: Appreciate the offer.

Helen: Something on your mind?


Scout: Reasonably-sized firearm there. Helen: This old thing?
Best to play it safe out here in the sticks.

Never you mind, dear. (leads to: ASK ABOUT THE PAST)

Scout: Wonder if you knew what happened... Before.

Helen: On account of my advanced years?
Do forgive, but I've lived out here all my life.
Hadn't known it'd occurred 'til I heard a drifter gossip one day.
Even then, thought it was mostly bunk.

Scout: Don't seem much concerned.

Helen: People elsewhere stay or go... All the same to me.
Beyond that fence out back?

Might as well be another world.

Scout: Kind thanks for the water.

Helen: Wonderful to have such charming company.
Do drop back in.

Scout: Farewell.

Alternate dialogue[]

Helen: Why, look at you... What a little lamb.
Come in. Warm yourself.

Scout: Much obliged.

Helen: Are you, by chance, narratively-inclined?
We get so few raconteurs around here these days.

Scout: Perhaps... I suppose?

Helen: Make you an offer: Captivate me with a story.
Some amusing anecdote. Or melancholy tale.
In return, I'll provide you this tool I've fashioned.
What say you?

Scout: Don't seem the toolmaking type...

Helen: Fashionableness and fecklessness don't always go hand-in-hand, darling.
One must remain able when on one's own.

Scout: Seems agreeable.

Helen: Marvelous.
Spin me a yarn.


Scout: Learnt all I know from the scout guide: Skills to survive, how to treat folks proper. Taught myself readin' off it.

Helen: Recall it well?

Scout: (Quote guide) "Page 22: Maps. Maps are important.
They keep us from getting lost and help us find our way.
As a sapling, you'll learn to read them...

Helen: Go on.

Scout: (Continue) ..To reach redwood rank, you'll be required to make your own"

Helen: Charming story, dear.
Now, let me fetch that spear trap doodad.

Scout: Most obliged.

Scout: Never knew where my kin were from. Suspect none of us did. Still, we had a bunk, cabin roof over our heads, three squares daily...

Helen: Someone mind after you?

Scout: Head Counselor. Finest sort. When she passed, none of us could stay. Most of the others? Meant to find a city.

Helen: And you?

Scout:' Reckoned my place was out here in the hollow.

Helen: Been on your own long?

Scout: Who can tell anymore...

Helen: Sorry to hear that, darling. Here's that spear trap doohickey, as promised.

Scout: Most Obliged

Helen: Pleasure's mine.
Daresay I'd begun to grow sour with my own company.
Marvelous as my memories are, they're a mite... overplayed.
Do take care now.

Scout: Take care.