Story InfluenceEdit

Higher Ground is an area that only appears in Campaign Mode. It is not procedurally generated like other zones. It can be found as the only dock at the end of the fourth region that Scout travels through.

Flimflam leans against a rock near a lit Camp Fire, offering Scout some trades of dubious quality. Scout climbs the mountain at this location and activates the relay at the top. When she activates the relay, the message on the radio becomes clear - "please proceed to ANGEL YARDS for evacuation..."

When she returns back down the mountain, Flimflam asks her what she heard. He scoffs at the idea of deliverance and people being saved but offers Scout one last trade before she sets off again.


Higher Ground is a wilderness area with very little in the way of supplies. There is always a Cache and a Camp Fire. On the way to the top of the mountain, Scout will pass a hollowed out school bus, precariously perched on the edge of a cliff, almost toppling off. The relay tower at the top of the mountain has three large satellite dishes and a power source which Scout has to reconfigure to get the signal working again.

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