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Quincy Collie is a river resident who Scout meets at Angel Yards. He fixes Scout's raft after she crashes at the location.


Quincy's dialogue differs between Campaign Mode and Endless Mode.

Campaign Mode[]

(The following dialogue takes place when Scout first crashes her raft at Angel Yards)

Quincy: Welcome to Angel Yard!
Lookin' a mite soggy there, friend.
That raft's pretty much done for.

Scout: Yeah, but I made it.

Quincy: Made it? Can't say you made it much of anywhere...
Look 'round.


Quincy: Don't know much about that. Just old buildings, junk... A mess of wild animals. Y'mean to head inland? I'd strongly advise against it.

Scout: Better take a peek.


Quincy: That gate behind me? Bunch of hungry critters back there.
Some old junk farther back, I guess. Maybe that's what you're looking for?

Scout: Reckon so.

Quincy: Ain't gonna stop you, but you best be ready for a fight.
I seen snakes, wolves, an' bears roamin' 'round back there.


Quincy: Seen enough lost to boldness in my time.
Hope you live to tell the tale!


Scout: Be seeing you.

(The following dialogue takes place after Scout has traversed Angel Yards and read the note left behind, and Quincy has fixed her raft)

Quincy: Look who's here! Knew you had sand.
Even took the liberty of patchin' up your raft.
Find what you were after?


Quincy: That ole cock an' bull story? Not the sort of thing I put much stock in.
Tall tale, I'd wager. Helps folks sleep at night to think there's a better life.

Scout: A better life?

Quincy: Supposed to be some place where people are still livin', bein' decent to each other.
Plenty of food to go 'round. Nobody sick or prone to fractiousness.
Mite farfetched, you ask me. Don't buy none of it.
Rather stay put here. Lead a simple life.


Quincy: Suit yerself! Stay as long as you want, though.
Always nice to have a pup around. Lost mine ages back.

Still miss her somethin' fierce...

Scout: Best be on my way.

Endless Mode[]

Quincy: Hey, traveler. Lookin' a mite weary and cold.
Take a load off. Share the fire.

Scout: Glad to.

Quincy: Havin' a hard time out there?
Need a spot of advice?

Scout: Be grateful.

Quincy: Got any raft upgrades yet?
They sure help alleviate the need to collect supplies.
Hardware stores got lots of fixin's for 'em.

Scout: Appreciate that. Better h-

Quincy: Lookin' fer a workbench?!
Can always find 'em at gas stations an' hardware stores.
Good fer craftin' all yer finer items!
And another thing --

Scout: Thanks! I'm off! Bye!

Quincy: Well, okay...

Scout: Bye.
Alt Text - Endless

Quincy: Ho, there. Welcome, drifter! Come sit a spell.
Chew the fat. Warm yer bones.

Scout: Reckon I might.

Quincy: Pleased as punch to see a friendly face.
Understand bein' chummy makes folks wary nowadays.
Be at ease. I ain't the bitin' kind.
Name's Quincy.

Quincy: Who's your friend?

Scout: Aesop. Bites only sometimes.

Quincy: Had one just like him. Good dog, he was.

Dogs are, well... They're good companions...


Quincy: No use hurryin' off. Stay awhile an' palaver.
How's that raft treating you? Looks a little bare.
Need it mended? I'm just the fella!

Scout: If it wouldn't put you out none.

Quincy: ...
There! Two shakes of a lamb's tail an' good as new.

Reckon there's nothin' I can't fix. Useful skill nowadays! (Raft full health)


Scout: Thanks. Best be on our way.

Quincy: What's the rush?! Somewhere to be?

Scout: Be seeing you.