Survival Needs are four different survival meters which Scout has to maintain while traveling down The River. Needs have a maximum value of 100, and Scout will die if any of the meters reach zero.


Level Description
100 -
50 Hungry
25 Very Hungry
0 Starvation



Water is key to wilderness survival. Polluted water can be gathered from any water source including The River, however it needs to be purified with a Water Filter before consumption if you don't want to risk disease. Clean water can be collected in a Jar from Rain, Water Pumps and Wells.

Level Description
100 -
50 Thirsty
25 Very Thirsty
0 Dehydration

Body TemperatureEdit


Maintaining your body temperature is vital to survival. If your body temperature gets too low, you may get hypothermia and die.

Body temperature is raised by:

  • Wearing warm clothes
  • Sleeping in a Shelter
  • Sitting or sleeping by a fire

Body temperature is lowered by:

  • Getting Wet (due to Rain or falling in The River)
  • The ambient temperature being lower than the Cold Rating of the clothes Scout is wearing
    • The temperature tends to drop when the sun goes down and the further Scout travels down the River
Level Description
100 -
50 Cold?
0 Hypothermia



Ensuring that you get enough rest is important for being able to survive in the wild. If Scout doesn't get enough sleep, she may collapse somewhere dangerous and be unable to defend herself.

The Fatigue meter drains over time and can be raised by sleeping in a Shelter. It can also be boosted temporarily by getting Drunk.

Level Description
100 -
50  ?
25  ?
0 Exhausted (Collapse)
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