Flame in the Flood Wiki

Tasks may be collected from Caches found along The River.

After a Task has been completed, the reward can be collected at the next Cache reached.

Quest Task Reward
Story Quests
Radio Signal Reach Higher Ground Raft Schematic
Angel Yards Find the Angel Yards Raft Schematic
The Kingdom Find The Kingdom Jar
Crafting Quests
Basic Tools Craft a Stone Knife and a Stone Hammer Campfire
Meat Chef Cook 10 Meat
Jerky Stash Make 5 Jerky Raft Hardware
Pouch Smith Craft a Pouch from Rabbit Hide Stitching Kit
Fletcher Craft 5 Arrows Raft Schematic
Illumination Craft a Torch Cooked Meat
Fire Starter Make a Campfire Jar
Consumables Quests
Stop Bleeding Cure a Laceration Leather Kit
Field Medic Use a Bandage Stitching Kit
Bone Setter Cure a Broken Bone with a Splint Penicillin
Grub Snacker Eat 10 Grubs Jerky
Boxer Deploy a Box Trap Death's Trumpet
Fix 'Er Up Fix your Raft at a Marina Repair Patch
Visitation Quests
Camper Visit a Camp Raft Hardware
Stevedore Visit a Marina Raft Frame
Handyman Visit a Hardware Store Raft Schematic
Church Goer Visit a Church Leather Kit
Combat Quests
Boar Killer Kill a Boar Arrow x4
The Boar King Kill The Boar King None
The White Wolf Kill The White Wolf None
The Elder Wolf Kill The Elder Wolf None
  • "The White Wolf" and "The Elder Wolf" are also combat quests, requiring the player to kill the White Wolf or the Elder Wolf respectively. Unlike the Boar King quest, the White Wolf and Elder Wolf quests will persist until completed, even after leaving the area where they were initially acquired.
  • The White Wolf quest may be glitched, or may require encountering the wolf and killing it during a particular time of day. It cannot be killed by luring it into a snake; this will cause it to vanish.
  • Similarly, the Elder Wolf will disappear if bitten by a snake; it can be killed by bears, though, but this may not fill the requirements for the quest and might only be possible if it occurs before the quest is picked up.
  • It is advisable to try and complete the Elder Wolf quest, if possible, as while it does not technically have a reward, the corpse will provide an Elder Wolf hide that can be crafted into the Elder Wolf Skin Jacket which is a marked improvement over the Wolf Skin Jacket.