Flame in the flood the raft

The Raft is a lashed together junk pile that can take a beating and keep floating. You’ll need to take care of it on your journey, and fix it up if you have a hard crash, but if you do it’ll get you where you’re headed. If you don’t, you’ll take a swim and find yourself in Davy Jones' Locker.


The Raft starts with 100 points of condition which will decrease every time it hits something along the River. It can be repaired at any Marina with the appropriate materials.

Points repaired Cost
10 1 x Nuts N Bolts
20 1 x Old Lumber
40 1 x Repair Patch


The Raft starts with 12 inventory slots. This can be upgraded to 24 total inventory slots with the Raft Storage upgrade.


The Raft can be upgraded at any Marina with the appropriate number of Raft Schematics, Raft Hardware and Raft Frames.

Upgrade Name
Raft schematic icon
Raft hardware icon
Raft frame icon


Raft rudder
1 1 1 Easier raft control.
Raft motor
3 3 3 Go faster or turn around easier. You need Gas to run the motor. The motor can stall.
Raft sturdy frame
1 2 2 Reduces the amount of damage taken when you crash your raft.
Raft stove
2 3 3 Cook on your raft and stay warm. Tinder is required to light it.
Raft shelter
2 2 3 Sleep away from a normal building without losing body warmth.
Raft storage
1 1 1 Double your raft inventory.
Raft water
2 3 3 Slowly takes water from the air or the rain to turn into drinkable water. When full, is identical to a Water Pump.
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