A lashed together junk pile that can take a beating and keep floating. You’ll need to take care of it on your journey, and fix it up if you have a hard crash, but if you do it’ll get you where you’re headed. If you don’t, you’ll take a swim and find yourself in Davy Jone's Locker.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Name

Raft schematic icon
Raft hardware icon
Raft frame icon


Raft rudder
1 1 1 Easier raft control.
Raft motor
3 3 3 Turn around easier or go faster. Gas is required.
Raft sturdy frame
1 2 2 A rickety old raft will crash a lot, so this will make it stronger.
Raft stove
2 3 3 Cook on your raft and stay warm. Tinder is required.
Raft shelter
2 2 3 You can refresh yourself at any time in the dock.
Raft storage
1 1 1 Double your raft inventory.
Raft water
2 3 3 Private pub. Collects rain to turn it into Clean Water.