The River is the primary location the game takes place in. It is the road that sweeps you ahead of the coming storm. It is a place of rest and calm when it slows and of frantic action and danger when you hit the rapids. The Raft is used to traverse it, but be careful that you don't fall in.

In Campaign Mode, the River spans approximately 39 miles from Camp Pinewood to the endgame area.


  • Rapids. High water which is encountered at random throughout the River. The Raft travels faster in these sections and steering is more difficult.
  • Stationary hazards. These include rock outcroppings, buildings, telephone wires, and bridges.
  • Floating hazards. These include floating tree branches and broken buildings.


You may find shopping trolleys sitting on small rock outcroppings in The River. They are easily spotted by the blue light that radiates from them. You can gain randomised loot from the shopping trolley if you travel close enough to interact with it.

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