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An allegedly "ghost" wolf, it accompanies the eponymous White Wolf quest. The quest alleges that the wolf is a ghost, implies that it is extremely difficult to kill, and further implies that there are special powers in store for anyone who can successfully acquire a white wolf skin.

The wolf will begin to appear after about the 4th region of the game. It will chase you down like any other wolf and avoid your lantern when swung at, but the difference between this wolf and others is that once it either damages you, or it recieves damage (via: arrows, snakes, bears etc) it will retreat and vanish to spawn on another island. (This same game mechanic also applies to The Elder Wolf)

Eventually if not killed The White Wolf will stop spawning (as you will have likely traveled outside of its region) so be sure to kill it as quickly as you can to receive its White Wolf Hide.

To kill The White Wolf use a spear trap, throwing tainted bait/meat at it will cause it to flee, just as with using arrows on it.

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